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When you own a business, nothing is simple, but some things are easier than others. For the power that lights your factory, garage, or other business, you simply pay the power company and it’s there. But what about the nuts, bolts and other fasteners your business uses every single day to provide products or services to your customers? You know that unlike a consumer, you can’t just run to the hardware store for a box of fasteners from your local hardware store and the alternative is often storing extra inventory of fasteners so you don’t run out. But what do you do if your fastener needs change because of a redesign or new model comes out?

Here at JD Sales, Inc, we have over 10 years experience providing small businesses throughout Odessa, TX and the surrounding areas with affordable, custom, onsite inventory management systems that reduce waste, save time and space, and cut costs. Plus because we come to you and give you that extra personal touch, you never have to worry about complicated software or a computer crash interfering with your supply or shutting your business down.

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What makes inventory management from JD Sales, Inc different?

  • We’re affordable: We believe every business, regardless of your size or budget deserves efficient, custom inventory management systems and solutions onsite.
  • We’re simple: We don’t use expensive or hard to understand software and computer equipment.
  • We’re personal: Because we come to your site, you get real, personal, 1:1 service from a real-life human being, not a computer program.
  • We’re custom: We build inventory systems that fit your individual business and help you get even highly specialized fasteners from suppliers or find someone who can make them for you.
  • We’re onsite: We custom build your system, including storage, and we keep your supply of nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners current so you won’t run out or have too many. Plus we monitor your inventory by hand, so you never have to worry about a computer glitch.

No matter what of fasteners your business uses, or the size of your business, vendor managed inventory systems tailored to your business and managed by JD Sales, Inc means you can focus on what your business does best and not on inventory control while saving money. With inventory management solutions from JD Sales, Inc, you’ll never have to worry about running out of the fasteners your Odessa area business needs to serve your customers. Contact us to set up your inventory solution consultation today.

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Proudly offering inventory management services and inventory control systems to the following areas:

  • Odessa, TX
  • Goldsmith, TX
  • Kermit, TX
  • Wink, TX
  • Midland, TX
  • Greenwood, TX
  • Crane, TX
  • Grandfalls, TX
  • Pyote, TX
  • Andrews, TX
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  • Ward County, TX
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  • Martin County, TX
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