Fastener Storage Solutions in Odessa, TX

fastener storageCorporations and large businesses have the money and staff for their own small parts or nuts and bolts storage, as well as inventory control and management. It’s impossible for smaller businesses to afford the same types of complicated systems and software they use. As a result, you may have resorted to overstocking your company’s inventory of nuts, bolts, and other fasteners. Alternatively, you could keep ordering more while trying to stay ahead of your customers’ demands, but that only wastes valuable money and time.

That’s why small business owners throughout Odessa, TX and beyond rely on custom small parts storage from JD Sales, Inc. We come to your location and build you a nuts and bolts storage solution that fits the needs of your business. We’re not a fastener vendor, and we only stock the nuts, bolts, screws, and other fasteners you need for your business so you never have to worry about production shutting down due to stockouts. And because we personalize your inventory management and small parts storage to your individual business, we can find even the strangest and most unusual products. In fact, if you can describe it, we will find it or have someone build it for you.

Key Features of Our Onsite Vendor Managed Inventory and Small Parts Storage Solutions

  • Keep your small parts and nuts and bolts organized and stocked in heavy duty bins and drawers that are able to withstand even the harshest manufacturing environments.
  • Reduce your labor costs because you no longer have to handle, receive, source, or order items and we take care of finding the right small parts for your customers and/or business.
  • Eliminate the need to stock large amounts of inventory, including small items like nuts, bolts, screws and other parts.
  • Ensure production never stops because you never run out of small parts!
  • Customized storage and inventory control systems that fit your business and your schedule.

Take a look at the benefits you get for your business from storage solutions and inventory management from us:

  • Our inventory management systems save you money because you won’t have to overstock inventory to ensure production keeps going which reduces your costs.
  • Your inventory ratios improve because you’ll never run out of the small parts your business needs to keep up with customer fulfillment.
  • Our storage and inventory management systems reduce your labor costs because there’s no need for you to hire staff to schedule deliveries or waste time looking for hard to find parts.

Better small parts, including storage for the nuts, bolts and other fasteners your business uses every day doesn’t have to be a chore. Contact JD Sales, Inc. and we’ll help your business cut costs and stay efficient with inventory management and small parts storage solutions today.