Inventory Management Solutions in Odessa, TX

nutsOf course, there’s a lot more to small parts inventory control than just the right storage bins and drawers and fastener supply. In fact, one of the many great features you get when JD Sales, Inc of Odessa, TX provides you with one of our custom inventory solutions, is an ongoing fastener inventory management service that takes all the worry and time out of maintaining your business’ inventory of small parts like nuts, bolts and other fasteners.

But what does that mean? It means that we maintain your inventory of small parts and ensure you always have the stock you need to keep production running efficiently and on time. That’s because we don’t just install software and leave a computer to manage your stock. No, we provide a personalized, custom service that means your inventory of small parts is checked and counted by an actual person. In fact, we never leave a job until you’re satisfied with the results.

So how does our Fastener Inventory Management and Maintenance Service work?

  • First, we come to your location and discuss the right type of inventory control system for your specific business and industry.
  • Next, we install the inventory control system for your specific fasteners whether that’s nuts, bolts, washers, pipe fittings, or other fasteners. We can even build systems from the ground up if one doesn’t already exist that’s right for you.
  • You tell us how much you tend to go through and you let us know how often you want us to come check your inventory levels whether that’s 1 time a week, 2 times a week, or more.
  • Then we maintain your inventory of small parts and restock it as needed so you’ll never run out of the fasteners your business needs.

  • We’re not fastener suppliers, we’re better because we stock refills to allow us to keep your inventory stocked so your business will always have even the most specialized and custom small parts that it needs.
  • Think we made a mistake? No problem, we’ll stay until you’re satisfied that everything is correct and up to your standards.

Here at JD Sales, Inc we pride ourselves on providing you with only the highest quality materials at competitive pricing. Plus, unlike the large inventory management companies, we provide a highly personalized service from a local company that’s located right here in Odessa, TX. That means we’re available when you need us, and we don’t have to make you wait or rely on complicated and expensive computer equipment and software.

Contact us today to find out how JD Sales, Inc can help you with your small parts and fastener inventory management.